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Covid-19 Updates
June 1, 2020

As mentioned in our last correspondence we are opening Monday.  However, after details of the public health order modification were announced Thursday, we have had to modify a few things.

The order stipulates that fitness facilities can operate at 50%; group fitness classes are not permitted and personal training is limited to no more than two people. Fifty percent capacity, for us, would be 69 people. 

It would be much easier for us to open with “open pod” and schedule when we can, but we consider this to be reckless. A thoughtful re-entry could feel burdensome for a short time, but the ramifications of a loose approach could be devastating.  

In addition, we pride ourselves on being your coaches. We want to continue to guide your journey; to help you with your re-entry and understand what you and your body needs moving forward.

So, to meet guidelines, we adjusted accordingly:

  • For squads with more than 2, we will schedule you at a max of 2 per coach.  If you are normally in a squad of 4, another coach will be available at the same time to lead half the group, otherwise your time might need to be adjusted. 
  • For those in scheduled classes, corporate and tactical groups, we will maintain the same 2:1  client/coach ratio. We will be reaching out to you before Monday to arrange initial scheduling and discuss options. We will then count on you to relay any changes so we can do our best to staff.  
  • Please help us by checking in with the front desk when you arrive for your appointment. This will help us keep track of our capacity count and ensure that everybody entering is here for their scheduled time.

We are going to make this work and most importantly, we are going to do what we believe is best for your health and wellness. We will continue to stay within the mandated guidelines, and study what the best practices are beyond that. As mentioned in previous correspondences, we are going to continue to program through the app in-house. For those of you who prefer to stay connected from afar or through a hybrid, we will remain committed to supporting your needs.

Communication is more important than ever;  we will keep talking to you and we want you to keep talking to us.

We can’t wait to see you.

Covid-19 Updates
May 28, 2020

To Our Elevate Family, 
We’ve missed you all over the last months and can’t wait to see you next week.  We’ve been impressed by many of you who have shown remarkable commitment to your workouts and health during this time; we also understand if “circumstances” have contributed to you not being as diligent with your workouts. 
No worries.
We will all start from where we are.
We truly appreciate you allowing us to continue to support you; we appreciate you sticking with us through this uncertainty.
As we get back to something resembling “normal,” we will closely be following guidance from national, state and local authorities to make sure we’re operating in compliance with any restrictions. The health and safety of our clients and staff is of utmost importance.
One thing we have learned from this closure is that we can deliver quality classes and programming remotely. Look for information coming soon about more interactive livestreaming classes. This is one way we can remain connected to the community while physically at a distance.
We have also had good feedback from the use of the Elevate mobile app and are going to continue to use it.  We have found this to be a great way to deliver programs and we will be taking advantage of some features to make your experience with it better. We hope this provides you flexibility and accountability to stay consistent inside of Elevate and out.
To uphold social distancing and cleanliness guidelines, we are making changes outlined below for inside the facility. Be aware that things are evolving and these guidelines may be revised. We will communicate with you as things change.
  • We will be limiting the number of people inside the building to no more than 35.  Groups of no more than 6 will start every 15 minutes.
  • For the time being, there will be no open pod; no one will be allowed to work out in the facility unless they are with a coach or in a scheduled class.
  • Do not arrive for your scheduled appointment more than 15 minutes prior to start time. We are planning to offer some small-group classes to help you round out your training week and will have sign-ups available soon.
  • Shoes are required. Use disinfectant on the soles as you enter the building at the provided stations.
  • After you finish your workout, leave promptly. This allows others to get in for their workouts.
  • Showers will not be available; restrooms will remain open.
  • The water bottle filler will be available; drinking fountain may not be used.
  • We ask that you protect yourself and others outside of Elevate by following state  and CDC guidelines for social distancing, travel, etc. Please do not come into Elevate if you are symptomatic or have had contact with someone who is sick or has tested positive for Covid-19. 
  • No guests or children who are not working out will be allowed in the building.
  • We will be keeping “hands off the ground” as much as possible. Please wash your hands before and after your workouts and help us keep high-touch areas clean by wiping them down after you use them.
  • Our standards for cleanliness will remain above industry standards; staff will be cleaning on a frequent schedule.
  • When you come in, the staff will be wearing face coverings, as per guidelines.
  • We have re-configured space in the workout areas to allow everyone to maintain a safe distance from each other. We are also building out a shaded outdoor workout space behind the building.  We’ve been talking about doing something like this for 7 years; now seems like a good time to do it.
  • For those who are not comfortable coming back inside the facility, your coach will discuss with you the best ways for us to continue to support you.
While it may not look exactly like “normal” we are confident that being smart about how we operate will allow us to re-establish on-site training and maintain our community, tending to everyone’s greater health needs.
See you soon
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