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Custom Training

Delivered to your mobile device.

The ElevatePHW  suite of online programs are delivered by ElevatePHW Connect, a mobile application that brings your custom program, exercise demo videos, communication with us and tracking right to your fingertips.

Videos are embedded in your workout, so you know just what to do.

In-depth Coaching

Whatever your goal, you deserve the same exceptional coaching pros get. Whether your goal is to climb mountains, better your race times or just get fitter, we’re here to guide, support and inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

We don’t just throw together template training plans. We design a personalized program based on proven scientific principles with your success in mind. We use video assessments at regular intervals to evaluate your movement patterns and make changes to your program.

Barbell Floor Press


How it Works. It’s Simple.

Movement makes us stronger, connects us to our environment and calms our minds. Get going.

Step 1:
Step 1:

You take a series of short videos performing specific movements and upload them into our app. This gives our coaches a starting point from which to build your program. A questionnaire outlining your background, current activity and goals helps us get to know you.

Step 2:
Step 2:

Your coach reviews your information and sends you your custom program.  You do your first workout and check in with your coach who makes any needed adjustments.

Step 3:
Step 3:

You do the work, build consistency and get awesome results. We support you every step of the way.

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How we are Different

Everybody is different — and that’s okay. 

You have coaches available to help you train in a way that works for YOU.  This is not a one size fits all program. This is all about keeping you healthy and progressing in a safe way.

We realize that life has its undulations and challenges, so does your training program.  We work with you to manage your training and overall stress. You should know why you are training, what you should feel, and have communication with your coach about how you are responding.  Training can be hard, and it should be at times, but navigating your personal life, your work life and your training commitment will get you the results you want. Together we will optimize your performance health and wellness.

Started almost 2 years ago because of my severe back issues. After multiple back surgeries, I was unable to do any kind of physical activities.

After almost 2 years, I dropped 30 lbs and I am able to participate in my family’s physical activities again. In the last 6 months I went horse back riding, played soccer and went on hour long hikes – haven’t been able to to this in years.

Amazing group of trainers and very supporting environment to help achieve your goals.

I love going to elevate! The trainers are professional, friendly, and super knowledgeable. I’m impressed that they take the time to learn everyone’s name. I like that I see people of many ages and fitness levels at the gym. It really feels very comfortable. The focus of the class I attend is about maintaining function and performance for the long haul, with an emphasis on preventing injury. I think this has helped me become a stronger mountain biker, which is why I initially started the class. I have also noticed that it helps me with my job as an occupational therapist, as my job relies on using good body mechanics and moving efficiently in order to assist/facilitate patients. It’s a win win!!

Elevate has been the best thing that happened to me this year. I joined at the start of the year after years of toiling around big box gyms and a bad experience at a small gym. I didn’t want to give up on my search for the perfect small gym and I’m glad I found exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’m calling out Jude in particular for being such a great motivator and professional. He and the other staff like Jay and Amelia are getting me to where I’ve wanted to be for a long time. If you’re looking for a smaller place with great coaches in the I-25 Way area this is your place! Even if you have to commute longer, it’s worth your time.

G Peters


This is an absolutely incredible place. The trainers here are the best in the country. I’ve worked with groups all over the United States and haven’t found a more talented, friendly, or professional group. If you’re a pro athlete or just want to train with the very best this is the place..

I have been going to Elevate for a little over a year. I first started because I was getting severe back pains which were limiting my activities and I wanted something that would take me beyond some initial PT sessions. Not only have the trainers helped me to minimize and usually eliminate my pain, but also have helped to strengthen my core and increase my endurance as well. Overall, I feel stronger and healthier. I continue to go there because I continue to see progress in reversing many decades of not working out. Everyone works with their own trainer, either individually or as part of a small squad. All of the trainers are very friendly and design a custom program for each of their client’s unique needs. Professional and semi-pro athletes work out at the same time and no one is judgmental. Trainers are quite educated and emphasize natural movement especially related to my lifestyle and activities. The facility has the latest in equipment, is very clean and offers nutritional advice as well. I recommend Elevate PHW without reservation to anyone wishing to improve their physical well being.

John Ledwith


Jude and Jay have helped me so much to become a better racer and a stronger person. Both are extremely knowledgeable in their respective fields. Jude is very accepting of everyone and their varying fitness levels. Jay is very helpful with strength and life coaching. They have helped me come so far.

Our Programs

  • Initial video assessment 
  • Custom workout plan based on your needs and goals 
  • Twice-monthly video messages
  • Unlimited in-app text communication
  • Regular program review
  • Continuous support
  • Initial assessment 
  • Plan based on needs and goals
  • Unlimited in-app text communication
  • Regular program review
  • Workout nutrition guidelines
  • Behavior-based lessons with focus on habit improvements
  • Metric tracking
  • Ready to take the next step to integrate quality movement and nutrition into an active lifestyle?